Aptus youth attend Ombudsman's report meeting

Aptus was invited to attend a plain-language workshop for people labelled with intellectual disabilities on the Ombudsman's Report, "Nowhere to Turn" on Developmental Services in Ontario.

Aptus participants Ali and Kyle attended the meeting hosted at the ARCH Disability Law Centre. They learned about different recommendations made by the Ombudsman concerning people with complex needs who are living in crisis, whether abandoned, abused or being placed in facilities where they are not receiving the appropriate care, services or programming. A short video was shown offering a summary of the report's recommendations, created by the ARCH Disability Law Centre.   

Kyle used the provided coloured cards to ask people to slow down or simplify their speaking. Kyle also disclosed to everyone that he was shy. Participants thanked him for sharing this and identified shyness as a key reason that people with disabilities are unheard.  

Ali enjoyed participating in the meeting, including playing the main character in a role play about how people with developmental disabilities can be mistreated by their families and then have trouble finding a safe place to live.

Following the meeting, the ARCH Disability Law Centre spoke with Ali and Kyle about attending future rights workshops and both were keen to attend.  ARCH also offered to host a rights workshop at Aptus. Aptus looks forward to furthering our participation in ARCH events and workshops, and continuing our advocacy for people with complex disabilities.