Sensory Camp

Aptus has been offering Sensory Camp since 2004. Sensory Camp enables children from across the GTA, who have sensory processing difficulties, to have a fun, sensory-based camp experience. This camp is intended to support campers aged 5 – 21.

Life is a sensory experience. Every moment we take in sensory information from our bodies and the world around us. Are you too cold? Is there too much noise? What about the smells around you? Do you like what you see? How does food taste?

Our sensory-based program provides an environment which enables each child to explore his or her individual sensory needs. Our camp is planned and led by our clinical team and trained support staff. Throughout the camp programming, the following skills are supported: communication, self-care, daily living skills, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and social interaction/play.

For more information or if you have any questions on Sensory Camp, please email