Community Partnerships

Ministry Partners:

  • Ministry of Community and Social Services         
    MCSS funds developmental services and programs supporting inclusion for adults with developmental disabilities and their families, accessed through Developmental Services Ontario and Respite Services.  
  • Ministry of Child and Youth Services
    MCYS funds education supports for children and youth ages 4 to 21 at Aptus’ two Children’s Day Programs, in partnerships with the Toronto District School Board and the York Region District School Board.

  • Board of Education

    The Board of Education partners with Aptus to offer two Section 23 Programs with teachers from the Toronto District School Board and the York District School Board. 

Developmental Services Partners:

  • Employment Collaborative
    Aptus founded an inter-agency employment collaborative with New Haven, New Leaf, Christian Horizons, Community Living Toronto, Corbrook, Geneva Centre, Dream Weavers Collective, Specialisterne.

  • Geneva Centre

    Aptus shares its property for Geneva Centre’s camp program. The Geneva Centre also participates in Aptus’ vocational program at Aptus Teaching Landscape.

  • Griffin Centre

    Aptus Treatment Centre holds one temporary adult day services spot for adults who are receiving services from the Griffin Centre and require a place to go during the day for a short period of time.

  • Kerry’s Place

    Kerry’s Place and Aptus work together in provide training to caregivers and staff.

  • Meta Centre

    Meta Centre offers behavioural therapy to Aptus, as needed.  Aptus provides occupational therapy.

Interns & Placement Students:

  • Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

    Since 1994, CMCC has placed students at Aptus’ Children’s Program and Adult Day Program, delivering sensory stimulation, gross motor integration, fall risk prevention and chiropractic care.

  • Humber College

    Aptus welcomes placement students from Humber College’s Massage Therapy Students.

  • Schulich MBA Program

    Aptus is a Partner in Learning with the Schulich School of Business MBA program at York University. Students have been placed at Aptus to provide strategic planning advice.

  • Toronto College of Dental Hygienists
    Since 2013, TCDH has supervised students providing oral screenings and oral hygiene education at Aptus’ Children’s Program and Adult Day Program.

  • University of Toronto
    Aptus welcomes placement students from University of Toronto’s Occupational Therapy program.

Community Partners:

  • FlagHouse

    Flaghouse has donated equipment for many of Aptus’ sensory rooms for children, youth and adults.

  • Frankie Flowers

    Frank “Frankie Flowers” Ferrigine is the community ambassador for the Teaching Landscape, promoting the project and advocating for resources.

  • Friends of Mossie Park

    This community group partners with Aptus to host events at Aptus Teaching Landscape and the connecting Mossie Park.

  • Fresh City Farms

    Fresh City Farms is part of Aptus’ Employment Network, currently employing 4 people supported by Aptus.

  • North Kipling and Antibes Community Centres

    Aptus’ Creative Collective of artists creates art at both of these community centres, networking and building alliances with other artists.

  • North York Community House

    People in Aptus’ Adult Day Program participate with the NYCH seniors group at Lotherton Village, an apartment community of 2500.

  • Villanova College

    10-year supporters of Aptus through the Bowl for Dreams, the students now collaborate with Aptus children, youth and adults in learning, volunteering and experiences (e.g., school plays, sports, etc.)

Aptus is always looking for new and innovative community partnerships.  If you are interested in developing a partnership, please contact